Guest blog post – Help J Bitner (board secretary) win a killer Superbowl Party!

See below for a letter from our Board Secretary, J Bitner.  J (one of our social media gurus) has entered a contest to win a killer home-entertainment center, and catered superbowl party.  J gives of his time so freely to the BCO, be a gem and give him five minutes of your time.  J has had some help from his pals at the BCO, and this is a great chance for us to study social media marketing, while helping him win a TV.  Let’s flex our muscles….make it happen!



I’ve entered a video contest for a Home Theater System and Super Bowl Party and now I need your help to win.

There are three places to vote for the videos and there’s nothing in the rules that says you can’t vote at all three places.

[Or from both your work and home computers for that matter -or- maybe even….your smartphone!!]

I ask that you please watch  and vote for my video (J Austin Bitner’s) at all three places.  It shouldn’t take you more than 3-4 minutes unless you decide to watch our 2 minute video at each stop.  [Which, although I’m biased, I think is worth a couple views.]

So please do all three of the following:

Click the ‘like’ button on my YouTube Video here.

Click the “like” button under my Video Posted on Gramophone’s Contest Web Site here[You may need to scroll down the page a little to find our video. Hint: we’re blowing Vuvuzelas.]

Click the ‘like’ button under my Video on Gramphone’s Facebook Page here. First “Like”  the Gramophone page, you may need to scroll down a little on their feed to find us, then, “LIKE” our video!

Don’t worry,  Brendan Cooke & Catrin Davies have already agreed to move the Super Bowl Party to my place if we win!  In fact – They said if I win they will DONATE their Super Bowl Party Budget to Habitat for Humanity of the Chesapeake and since they would avoid post-party clean-up, they would LOVE if you voted me into winning the Super Bowl Party Package!

So, you see by voting for my video (in all three places) when we win the contest, this year’s Super Bowl Party can raise more money than ever for Habitat for Humanity of the Chesapeake!

So please, vote for my video in all three places.  Because EVERY vote, at every site, counts towards my grand total.

Forward to your friends so they can do the same.

With your help I can win the contest and at this year’s party we can raise more money than ever before for Habitat!


J Austin Bitner


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