SMaSH is HERE!!!!

We are finally ready to go!  Thank you everyone!  A few more notes before we begin, and release the first clue:

We know you are excited, and hate to start under a yellow flag...but you can still get a good headstart!

1- We will be releasing clues periodically throughout the day via twitter.  If you are not following @concertopera, we cannot get them to you…if you haven’t filled out your profile as instructed in your welcome message, we cannot track your points.  Please go ahead and do so.

2-Due to the delayed start, we’ve had a little bit of a hiccup with our order of vendors.  Those who begin the game this evening will be driving under a YELLOW FLAG. We had intended to begin on a Friday, not taking into account that our second vendor would be closed on a Sunday.  So, when you receive the clue at stop #1, you will be given directions to stop #2 (which you’ll have to come back to tomorrow) AND to stop #3.  Given the closing times for some vendors, we figure that the best you are going to do, if you are raring to go full throttle is FOUR STOPS this evening (one of which, but not the first, doesn’t open until 5pm).  If that’s going to frustrate you, then we recommend waiting until Monday to start, but this is a great chance for folks to pick up and early lead!

3- Don’t cheat.  We’ll find you and beat you.

4- If you are using the STICKYBITS platform for scanning barcodes rather than the URL’s provided, please do not add content to the codes (we’ll know who you are) it will make the clues difficult to read.

Finally, clue number 1:

We all know that Prima DONNAs need their coffee and dessert after the opera. This Mount Vernon CAFE can help a diva out….and give her her next clue.

Now, after Day 1 is in the books, we start releasing clues for those of you who don’t want to play in order! 7/12/ 10:17 am


Books, Books and more Books! All you need is a LIBRARY card and a trip down CATHEDRAL Street to visit your friend ENOCH. You might just find your next clue there, and maybe something great to listen to this week! WARNING, this next stop has a verification task, pay close attention to the instructions.

Clue #3

Need a coffee break in the CITY? This swanky CAFE is a short walk from Artscape. Head over to Dine, Drink and Caffeinate, and get your next clue. Yeah, we know that you’ve already been to a coffee shop…but your going to need your fix…

Clue #4

Are you a SOPRAno? you can hear several singers on opera night at this Mount Vernon Italian restaurant. they can sing loudly, or SOTTO voce. Be on the look-out when you get your clue there…they’re offering a pretty tasty deal!

Clue #5

Aye aye, CAPTAIN! This South Baltimore Bar and Grill has been around for 50 years. Famous baritone Lawrence Tibbett (LARRY to his friends) would have just made it…

Clue #6

Need to ship a souvenir after visiting the Constellation? You don’t need to be dressed to the HILT(on) to visit this spot on Pratt Street, which can ship it for you…and handle any printing you might need as well. It’s on the UP and UP (up+up=UPS)

Clue #7

This deli on Paca Street is named for the Italian word for TRIANGLE, and is another name for SICILY. Come down to the Italian Deli voted Baltimore’s Best!

Clue #8

You’ve heard about the fire-sales going on in the real estate world. This building used to put out fires, now they are making sales–your PASSPORT to home ownership!

Clue #9

Your next stop is home to the best brunch in town, and not just for ENGINEERS. Looking out the window of this glorious mansion, you might think for a moment that you are living in 1840 since not much has changed on this famous Baltimore square.


Clue: You might have had out-of-town guests stay at this grand Mount Vernon bed and breakfast, but have you ever had a FEAST at their byob restaurant? Check hours and daily menu b4 going.


This clue was released on 7/13…and was not part of the initial route.  It was designed so that those who were wanting to “catch up” would have a chance to collect some bonus points for being the first to check in.  IT WILL REMAIN ACTIVE for the rest of the hunt…go here, enjoy, earn points for twitter, FB, Youtube as you did at all other points!

If you are feeling languorous in the hot summer weather, this SOUTHERN-INSPIRED restaurant in the CAN COMPANY is a great place to cool down and relax for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Come on down for a special happy hour offer…

Those of you who are making your own way, and not playing in order…now have all of the same information as everyone else!  Get out there and catch up.

Clue #11

Your next stop is the only place we know in town where you can view a screening of an opera while munching on popcorn. Oh, they show other features as well, our friend CHARLES tells us…

EASTER EGG BONUS!  6pm to Midnight. 7/15 Check in at during @Betascape’s kick-off party. RSVP, then follow regular procedure (even if you’ve already been to @THEWINDUPSPACE on your tour.  Include @betascape in the check-in.  NO BONUS POINTS for the first to arrive.  Just Tweet: I’m at @betascape kickoff @thewindupspace #BCOSMASH.  Check in on Foursquare, and SHOUT-OUT via twitter @betascape and #4sqbco  15 bonus points folks.  No points for pictures…but if you want to take them, we’ll look at them!

Clue #12

This is Maryland’s oldest family-run winery. It’s quite a way from the rest of the SMaSH tour, so extra pointsand a great on-site offer await you if you decide to venture out! We know you won’t get BOORD(y). If you want to leave this one for later in the game, stay tuned via twitter for the next clue…we don’t want one person getting TOO far ahead. Take a little break. Use some of the deals you’ve collected from our vendors already…or hop in the car and keep rollin.

Clue #13:

Shoes AND chocolate? Zut alors! This unique shop on The Avenue in Hampden welcomes you to indulge both your fashionable feet and your tastebuds. Come into the back room to the sumptuous chocolate delights! Your clue can be scanned on something spicy and sweet, wrapped in bright orange. Find it under the Eiffel Tower on the back right wall. Scan the barcode on this BAR for your next clue, and an offer from the kind folks at this establishment!

Clue #14

Clue: This Bawlmer original on The Avenue is the home of Honfest each summer. Come on in, HON!

Clue #15

Clue: Head WEST on the Avenue to this hot Hampden restaurant, which shares a name with a famous Puccini opera, and you’ll be GOLDEN.

Clue #16

The BCO is WHOLLY convinced you’ll be intrigued by this unique Hampden gallery dedicated to recycled glass. Check it out on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings!And be prepared to sell our free show on Saturday folks…we might just have some flyers available on Friday night or Saturday morning…and you might just get points for helping us fill seats….

Clue #17:

Is it an illegal operation which disassembles stolen cars for parts, or is it a trendy Lauraville salon? This hotspot on Harford

road is a great place to CHOP your locks.

Clue 18: How many places do you know where you can WINDUP sipping a beer while enjoying an art exhibit or a local band? Come to this Station North hangout to reserve your SPACE

Clue 19: Take a lunchtime break from the heat at Artscape on Saturday, learn a little, and hear some tunes written by the 19th century Italian “GREEN” composer…who has been decomposing in Italy since 1901, which is pretty green too. Okay, It’s Baltimore Concert Opera’s presentation at Artscape on Saturday, July 17th at 12:30–The Verdi Baritone! ON YOUR WAY THERE (or any time during artscape), stop by the BETASCAPE tent, look for a barcode for bonus points.

Artscape BONUS!  Stop by the BETASCAPE tent first thing in the morning.  Ask for some flyers for the Verdi Baritone concert (don’t bogart them all, remember the spirit of this competition).  Fill in your twitter name on the bottom, and hand them out to folks in the morning.  You will get FIVE bonus points for every butt you put in one of our seats.  Make sure you tell your “customers” to hand them in to a BCO board member on their way in so that you get credit.  Maximum 20 folks.  100 bonus points could be a game changer! *PS…if you are caught at 12:15 handing them out to folks that are on the way into our performance, your points will not be counted.  You will be publicly embarrassed, flogged, beaten, tarred, feathered.

We are about 20% of the way through tabulating the points…it is going to be an arduous procedure.  We will announce winners before August 1!

.And now, some of my favorite photos, uploaded by our contestants:

Contestant enjoying a biscotti at Donna's in Mt Vernon


Rainy day at the Charles

Happy Hour at Langermann's



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