Welcoming back Maestro Steven White

A little over a year ago, Steven White was kind enough to drop in on our inaugural performance of Don Giovanni.  A favorite of the Baltimore Opera Orchestra, Chorus and audience, Steven shared a most eloquent speech about the future of opera in Baltimore.  As we get ready to welcome him back to conduct our Flight of Verdi next week, I thought it’d be interesting to revisit Steven’s words.

Maestro Steven White

We’re not yet at the point where we are able to involve our orchestral colleagues, but we have been able to utilize the talents of our fabulous opera chorus, which Maestro speaks so fondly of, for two productions.  We’re grateful for Maestro White’s energy, excitement and interest in this community…and hope that we can live up to his expectations in the near future!  Take a listen below:

Maestro Steven White, speaking about opera in Baltimore

It’s been quite a year for Steven, and we’re blessed to have him involved in the operatic Renaissance here in Baltimore.  Fresh from his Metropolitan Opera debut, as well as dozens of other exciting performances, we look forward to his friendship and guidance as we work toward the future!  We’re also thrilled that Steven’s lovely wife, Elizabeth Futral, will be just down the beltway, starring in WNO’s production of Hamlet!

This is indeed an exciting time for opera in Baltimore, please get involved.  A major city such as Baltimore with such a high concentration of local talent, a large number of “high profile” figures in the opera world who want to work here, and presumably and interested public…should be able to support grand opera, yes?

So, what do you see as the future of opera in Baltimore?

What are you doing to help?


2 responses to “Welcoming back Maestro Steven White

  1. What can we, the listening public, do to help? Just buying a ticket and going to a performance is a start. Not all of us can answer the call to donate, but the pool of donations big and small can help any opera company. And that leads to another question: Which opera company can/should we support? The “opera renaissance” in Baltimore, including both established and new companies, gives us quite a choice. Finally, getting the word out either online or by word of mouth is another way to help. Not too long ago, I was still hearing comments to the effect that there was no longer an opera company in Baltimore or that this or that company was the only one in Baltimore (when in fact there are several).

    • Clayton,

      You are right, getting out there any buying a ticket is step 1. We always like to push the “trifecta” of 1.buying a ticket, 2.volunteering, 3. donating. You take it a few steps beyond this with your blog, and like Michael Blair with BaltimoreOpera.com, you give fans a nice resource. I wish that we could have better communication amongst the performing groups (we try very hard to take other groups into consideration when planning our season) as I don’t believe (sadly) that we have a large enough audience for opera yet that we can DIVIDE that audience, and make them choose between different offerings. Right now, it is about awareness and advocacy…the “if you build it, they will come” mentality is not enough. We need to empower artists and fans alike to get to work, helping to spread the good word about opera, and hoping that we can increase audiences and involvement. If this happens, perhaps the next grand opera company will survive.

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